Drug Addiction – A Disease or a Choice

Medical researchers have long debated on whether drug addiction is a voluntary or an involuntary act. But what they seem to unanimously agree on is that it has a biological basis. It may or may not be compulsive though. The deemed question now hence becomes, the factors that enable addiction and the act of quitting […]

Rise in Anxiety

COVID-19 pandemic is one-of-a-kind adversities in human history that has stirred and changed the way modern human beings have perceived and led their lives. It has not only affected human beings in social, economic and cultural aspects of his life but has also influenced their psychological health to continue to play their effective role in […]

How Therapy can help reduce suicides

Suicide is characterized as purposefully ending one’s own life and comes from the Latin suicidium, which in a real sense signifies “to commit suicide.” It will in general convey various attributes relying upon the way of life. Generally, and still today in certain areas, suicide is viewed as a criminal offense, a strict no-no, and, […]

The upside and down side of social media on mental health of teenagers

The decision is as yet out on whether web-based media is harming the psychological well-being of teenagers. This is to some degree because of the absence of exploration. A few examinations show that online associations with little gatherings of individuals can be gainful to teenagers, while other exploration focuses on an ascent in indications of […]