Child Counseling

Child Counseling

Neuro-Developmental Disorders In Children

In neurodevelopmental disorders, areas of functioning gets impacted that includes comprehension, memory, self –control, processing speed, communication and their motor abilities. We help them in managing their daily life challenges s by making them more efficient, helping them organizing, improving social skills, as well as one’s ability to communicate with others and thus forge meaningful relationships.

Learning & Academics

Learning disorders are neurologically – based processing difficulties. We help them with working through and processing the memories well, improving their self – esteem, self – confidence, help them dealing their academic difficulties making course plans according to the needs and abilities of the child and enhancing their self-worth.

Behavioural & Emotional Disorders

Behavioral and emotional disorders include hyperactivity, aggression, self-injurious behavior, inappropriate crying, tantrums and poor coping skills. We help them managing the more disruptive symptoms using behavioral and cognitive approaches that are result oriented and short -term as well as long -term intervention

Social & Interpersonal Disorders

Good social skills are critical for peer acceptance and friendship formation, which are developmental missions for the older child and adolescent. Good social skills can be developed and can favorably influence other domains of function. Symptoms seen in children with weak social skills can include difficulty in facial expressions or body language, poor listening skills, little interest in social interests. We help them to manage their emotions and behavior in social situations by being supportive, establishing clear expectations, and providing lots of attention to positive behaviors.

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