Corporate Counseling

Corporate Counseling

One-to-One Counselling

In a fast moving world, take time to see yourself. Here, our priority is to provide personal oneto-one counseling space for our clients to interact with our counselors to explore and address personal concerns.  We help the client in their journey to understand themselves better and cope with whatever challenges they are going through.


Let’s join our hands together and make mental health a priority for our employees. We at Newer Mind aim at providing mental health services through webinars and workshops which are employee centric. We provide a safe environment to interact, explore and be more aware of mental health problems as well as mental health care and help them to cope up with stress, anxiety, burnout and other concerned areas.

Content Partners

We collaborate with various mental health promotion that involves actions that support people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles and which create supportive living conditions or environments for mental health an environment that respects and protects basic civil, political, socio-economic and cultural rights is fundamental to mental health.

Campaign Collaborations

We aim at reaching maximum people and create community awareness programs on mental health issues and provide them best services. We educate communities about the real issues of mental health we raise the concern and reach maximum people who need help by collaborating with many mental health campaigns. Let’s raise the voice and make remove the stigma and create mental awareness.

Other Services

Adult Wellness

Choose from our extensive range of online counseling solutions & therapy services that cater to your current concerns & stressors

Child Counselling

Children are a gift to the planet and every child is unique and special. At Trijog we take parents and children on a journey to explore those unique aspects and develop those that may need special nurturing.